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How We Got Started

Prime Luxe Homes started as a response to a need we saw in our own lives. Our desire for financial freedom and freedom of time to truly enjoy the best of life led to the creation of this Atlanta-based company. 

We started Prime Luxe Homes to create a space where investors like ourselves could rest assured knowing their money is going to work for them and they’re maximizing profitability.  Equally important to us was giving our clients the freedom of time, knowing that while their money grows, they’ve also gained unlimited free time to enjoy more of what they love with their loved ones.


As owners, we are investors just like yourself. Every decision made to enhance a property and increase profitability is made with the same care we take on our own homes, that’s just our property management style. You’re not another number and your home is not just another property to us. We know that to be successful we must take care of each home as if it was our own, and that’s exactly what we do.

Our Owners

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